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On Greece’s issue.

The markets are asking for blood, the blood of the wasteful, corrupt Greek. The British newspaper readers to comment in online forums, deride, gibe, the bankrupt wishes to Greece to do inexpensive vacation. Well, the phlegmatic British, plucked imperial heirs, kneeling with the pound against the euro hated mainland only in the poorest countries can now hope for a holiday.Liberal learning tolerance, impartial analysts and publicists, politicians, petty bourgeoisie and hoi polloi, we all sink together to racist, colonialist and orientalist stereotypes.

Such stereotypical nonsense written everyday and Greek-speaking sites in Greek cafes. In this respect, we are indeed citizens in the common area of Great stereotypical Europe swimming hatred and prejudice, society hellenic-roman heritage a la carte.

At the time of crisis shows the strength of the building, in this case, the European Union, a major project of historical significance. At the time of crisis extinguished the political will, a sense of historical figures, the welfare of consistency – that’s just the foundation on which a united Europe was built after the disastrous Second War. Fifty three years after the founding Treaty of Rome, visionary Europeans politicians no longer in existence, no longer de Gaulle, Adenauer, Brandt Vily, Mitterrand, Schmidt, Delors. Their position have gotten weak or opportunistic politicians, potty managers, bankers and technocrats. The economic crisis of the weaker member states, the PIIGS, from Ireland to the Mediterranean and Greece, of course, seen in terms of financial and not political terms, drilled a rating agency and profit funds, assisted by unilateral Meade influence, if not completely define the behavior of Brussels against partners who are in weakness.

Markets set the policy. And even in a historical phase in which the right of no-limit free markets, the uncontrolled movement of speculative funds has plunged the world economy into recession and forced states to hot channel public money to support the financial system, what gave birth to the crisis. In this historical phase, the loss-making and heavily indebted Greece, member of the EU’s largest single market worldwide, a member of the euro area, driven by markets to seek financial assistance from outside Europe, outside the historical and political family. At the time of crisis, the EU washing hands, and pushes a member country in the capital of China and the International Monetary Fund.

Where is the famous cohesion, the cornerstone of the EU? The sins of the Greek course are many, but the problem is not only and exclusively Greek or Irish or Portuguese, and explain more and more independent economists, among them Nobel laureates. The problem is European, and construction, is about the speed difference of economies within the euro area has to do with the pressing need for fiscal expansion and extension of social protection networks for crisis, among others.

Yet all objective analysis of the causes of the crisis and all objective proposals end the crisis without crashing societies neokeinsianic color mostly not heard from political leaders. Leaders listen markets, vicious callings producers of the crisis, the unreliable evaluators, those who not only predicted the crisis of toxic acknowledge and paying a premium but the crooks.

Greece and the PIIGS is scope for experimentation and blackmail the international system of speculation. After the complete moral and historical defeat promised continued growth of no-limit free markets, the markets strike back. They attack small countries, the weak links, coerce societies, no less, seek to rewrite the social contract to redefine the capital-labor, to be reviewed from scratch the welfare state and social justice to build the Europe of the ashes of war. Politicians, these opportunists who are weak and we said, can be persuaded to comply. Societies, however, are very strange creatures, grudgingly, complex, chaotic. The PIGS do not behave predictably in the slaughterhouse.


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